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About Me

You may be my friend on Facebook, follow me on Instagram, or have even hung out with me a time or two, but do you really know me? Yes, you do! That's exactly who I am. I show my personality instantly when you meet me. I consider myself engaging, lively, creative, adventurous, and spontaneous. I am also very goal driven. When I set my mind to something, I work like crazy to accomplish it. For those of you that have never met me, allow me to introduce myself.  Hi, my name is Melisha Potter. I have a Master's degree in marketing and a strong passion for real estate.  I love volunteering at Habitat for Humanity building houses for families in need. I also love traveling and taking adventures around the world.


My Why?

When I first became a homeowner, many of my friends and family members said “Wow! You’re a homeowner now? That’s amazing! I wish I could buy a house.”  And I would respond, “You can! It’s easier than you think.  You just have to manage your money and build credit.” I then became a real estate agent so that I could help people reach their goals of homeownership.

Another reason is that real estate investing was something I have always been interested in. I wanted to buy several properties and rent them out as another way to help people prepare for homeownership. I figured that I would need a good real estate agent to be able to explain the whole investing world to me because I would be buying a lot of houses. Then I realized that I could just become an agent and learn the information first hand. Now, as a licensed Realtor and Property Manager, I am equipped with the knowledge and tools necessary to assist you through a successful real estate transaction, whether its for purchase or lease. I am always willing to learn and grow in my field and industry. So if you have any information that could help me please call or email me! I look forward to hearing from you!


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My Listings


2 Beds 1 Baths 968 Sq Ft

3014 Larimore Avenue
Omaha, NE 68111-2358

Listed on Dec 11, 2021


1 Bed 2 Baths 912 Sq Ft

4806 N 30th Street
Omaha, NE 68111

Listed on Dec 10, 2021


3 Beds 2 Baths 1,625 Sq Ft

15918 Arbor Circle
Omaha, NE 68130

Listed on Dec 21, 2022